Anna Karenina
Book cover redesign for Anna Karenina.
Banda do Mar
Poster for Banda do Mar.
Think Olga
Illustration for Think Olga 2017 calendar.
Festival Amazonas de Ópera
Poster for Festival Amazonas de Ópera.
Dead For a Day
Editorial illustration for an article about a woman that pretended to be dead so she can experience her own funeral.
Gilmore Girls
Illustration based on Gilmore Girls, an american TV series created by Amy Sherman-Palladino.
Design for a tote bag used for carrying my portfolio around.
La La Land
Mia and Sebastian dancing on the stars.
Listen to the Youth
A poster about freedom of speech and how society tend to patronize young people’s opinions.
Little House of Books
Google Seasons
Wanted to try to design Google Doogles for the first day of Spring and Fall.
Mystery Solving Teens
Mystery solving teens in the jungle.
Spots illustrations based on articles of Folha de São Paulo.
Santa Ceia
Holiday season can be very stressful.
Stage Fright
Welcome to My World!
Self-promotional poster of a fictitious solo art show.
Make Dracula Young Again
Illustration based on a NYT article.
Woman Interrupted
Poster for Woman Interrupted campaign.
Luna Clara & Apolo 11
Panel I did on my sketchbook based on the book Luna Clara & Apolo 11 by Adriana Falcão.
Hora do Parto
Illustrations for Crescer magazine.
Women's March 2017
Travel Westeros
Series of fictitious travel posters based on the cities of Game of Thrones.
You've Got Mail
Based on the movie and characters by Nora Ephron.
Pride and Prejudice
Book cover redesign for Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
Verão 40 Graus
A day on the beach.
When The Moon Was Ours
When The Moon Was Ours book cover redesign.
The Virgin Suicides
Movie poster for the film The Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola.
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